Mykhailo Khrom'yak

Mykhaylo Khromy`ak field of scientific interest is Phenomenology and Historical Theology. The researcher is convinced that any contemporary theology is the relevant interpretation of the ancient Revelation. Thus, the Theology of the present Church must be rooted in Divine Revelation, which during the last XX centuries has been constantly updated by Christian theologians. According to the opinion of M. Khrom`yak', the language and discourse of Phenomenology is best suited to express the Christian experience and faith. This is the purpose why he devotes his efforts to study Phenomenology.
2019, Candidate of Sciences (Ph.D.) in Philosophy (specialty: Theology) National Pedagogical Dragomanov University (Kyiv).
«The reception Gregory of Nyssa’s Personalism in the contemporary theological discourse»
2016, Master of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies, Evangelical Theological Faculty (Leuven, Belgium)
«Origen’s teaching about the soul based on First Principles and Against Celsus»
2013, Master of Theology (specialty: Applied Theology), L’viv Theological Seminary (L’viv)
«Pentecostal Movement in Transcarpathia: Institutional and Theological formation»
2011, Specialist (specialty: History), Ivan Franko National University of L’viv (L’viv)
«Protestantism in Ukraine (1991-2010) »
His recent publications include:
Khrom'yak, M.V. “The Reception of Gregory of Nyssa`s Theology in Jean-Luc Marion's Phenomenology of Religion.” Practical Philosophy, vol. 4 (2018): 150–156. (Ukrainian)
———. “The Theological Method of Gregory of Nyssa in the Context of His Theological Anthropology.” Gileya, vol. 125 (2017): 231-234. (Ukrainian)
———. “The Theological Symbolism of Christ's Transfiguration in the Synoptic Gospels.” Current Issues of Philosohy and Sociology, vol. 19 (2017): 124–127. (Ukrainian)
———. “The Reception of Gregory of Nyssa`s Theology in David Bentley Hart's Theoaesthetics.” Practical Philosophy, vol. 4 (2017): 159–164. (Ukrainian)
———. “The Holy Father's Tradition of Interpreting the New Testament Narrative of the Transfiguration of Christ: Gregory of Nyssa`s contribution.” Practical Philosophy, vol. 3 (2017): 103–109. (Ukrainian)