Denysenko Anatoliy

Dr. Anatoliy Denysenko specializes in philosophical theology. Currently, he is working on a research project “The relationship between theological and philosophical discourses in the early 21st century”. He has previously published book “Liberation Theology: Ideas, Criticisms, Perspectives” (Kyiv, 2019). He has previously teaching at Ukrainian Evangelical Theological Seminary (Kyiv).

His resent publication include:

  • “Methodology of Giorgio Agamben's Critical-Political “Homo Sacer” Project”, Theological Reflections #21, 2018.
  • “Post-Protestantism Contemporary Exclusions, Critical Theology and Reformation 500 in the Context of the Phenomenon of the “Emerging Church””, Changing Societies & Personalities, 2017 Vol. 1, No. 4.
  • “Religionless Christianity for the World Come of Age” as a prediction of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.Дитрих Бонгеффер. Спротив і покора. Листи і нотатки з­-за ґрат. Київ: Дух і Літера, 2018.
  • “What Can we Learn from Liberation Theology and How can its Ideas be Applied in Modern Times?” Theological Reflections. №16, 2016.