Eastern European Institute of Theology
International Theological Online Conference
"Religion and Science: From Opposition to Complementarity"
Eastern European Institute of Theology (Ukraine)
Ukrainian Section of the European Society for Catholic Theology
Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians
John Chrysostom Ivano-Frankivsk Academy (Ukraine)
Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University (Ukraine)

27-28 May 2021
We are pleased to announce and bring to your attention our forthcoming international conference "Religion and Science: From Opposition to Complementarity" and young scholars forum (Parallel Sessions). The information below provides further details. We would be extremely grateful if this announcement could also be shared with other interested parties by forwarding the information provided below.
Among the keynote speakers Prof. Alister McGrath, Director of the Ian Ramsey Center for Science and Religion, Oxford University.

Conference Overview
The conference seeks to stimulate scholarly enquiry, constructive dialogue, and interactions between and among different Christian traditions with a special focus on the current condition and future prospects of the science-religion debate in ecumenical perspective. It is our aim that young academics and senior scholars whether from the leading centres of science or from theological institutions have a chance to respond to their colleagues' work in a professional and academic setting.

One of the most common stereotypes is that science and religion are essentially incompatible. Although this has been successfully refuted at a conceptual level, it still holds in the popular imagination, rooted in the historical clichés, which greatly contribute to the tension and mutual opposition between the religious and the secular. The purpose of this conference is to initiate more constructive dialogue between Christian theological and secular scientific worldviews, to analyze and overcome mutual stereotypes, and to move towards sustainable cooperation and exchange of ideas.

Conference Topics
  • The historical study of the models and images of the relationship between faith and reason; religion and science
  • The Scripture and creation, evolution, and design
  • The role of Christian theology and the natural sciences in the emergence of contemporary conceptions of rationality
  • Scientific naturalism and theological inquiries of the world: is there space for dialogue?
  • The relationship between reason and spirituality in different religious traditions
  • Religion, science, and ecology: responsibility for the future
  • A critical assessment of the impact of science and technology on the human condition and the natural environment
  • The influence of scientific and religious scholars on public discourses

Papers and publication
Participation in the conference is open to academics, young scholars, and students as well as other interested stakeholders from across the world. If you would like to participate as a speaker, please submit a 300-word abstract along with your CV to Conference2020@e-aaa.info.
Abstract submission deadline: 1 May 2021. Papers can be in English or Ukrainian. Simultaneous translation sessions will be available for the keynote presentations. Plenary session presentation — 45 minutes. Parallel session presentation — 15 minutes. Conference proceedings will be published via an academic publisher.

Conditions for participation in the conference
The conference will be held remotely via Zoom. The registration deadline is 1 May 2021. Register at: http://bit.ly/ReligionScience2020. Zoom links will be provided after registration.

For further information please contact us at Conference2020@e-aaa.info