Eastern European Institute of Theology
International Theological Online Conference
"Eschatological Community: Faith, Ministry, and Prophetic Witness in a Changing World"

5 October 2020, 10:00-16:00 EET
European Baptist Federation
Eastern European Institute of Theology
Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians
Odessa Theological Seminary ECB
Spurgeon's College
Anabaptist Mennonite Network

5 October 2020, 10:00-16:00 EET
Respected colleagues, we invite you to take part in a theological discussion on the nature of the church, conceived as a community of believers for whom the coming of Christ is the decisive eschatological event. Through the death and resurrection of Christ, his power is already in action today, transforming this world by means of the community of believers chosen and called by God. The community of believers as the eschatological community is confirmed and actualized at every liturgical gathering of Christ's disciples, especially the Lord's Supper. Confessing the power of Christ as Lord and Savior, the church engages in prophetic witness, proclaiming that God directs the world towards the goal that he has established: namely, the ultimate victory of Christ and the coming of the Kingdom of God.

Proposed points of discussion

  • The concept of the church as an eschatological community in biblical and historical perspective;
  • Baptism and the Lord's Supper as manifestations of the eschatological presence of Christ on both the personal and community level;
  • The prophetic witness of the church in conditions of the systemic and global crisis of modern technocratic civilization;
  • The challenges to theological education under conditions of the current telecommunications revolution and the search for new educational strategies for a digital age.

Keynote speakers

  • Tony Peck (United Kingdom)
  • Sergii Sannikov (Ukraine)
  • Ian Randall (United Kingdom)
  • Oleksandr Geichenko (Ukraine)
  • Mykhailo Cherenkov (Ukraine)
  • Yurii Chernomorets (Ukraine)
  • Ludmyla Fylypovych (Ukraine)

Working languages of the conference: Ukrainian, English, Russian

To participate in the conference, the registration deadline is 15 September 2020. Register through Google Form at the following site

Conference organizing committee

  • Roman Soloviy, Director, Eastern European Institute of Theology, Ukraine
  • Joshua Searle, Spurgeon's College, United Kingdom
  • Taras Dyatlik, Regional Director, Overseas Council in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
  • Oleksandr Geichenko, Rector, Odessa Theological Seminary ECB, Ukraine
  • Mary Raber, Instructor, Odessa Theological Seminary ECB, Ukrain

For more information, please contact the conference organizing committee: srrc@e-aaa.info.